aA_32. Last Partner Steering Committee – 23.2.2023

All project representatives were present during the last official partner online meeting in February.

Within the Project Management & Administration agenda, the project coordinator informed all partners that all Deliverables were successfully approved. Partners then discussed the final proceedings regarding the final evaluation report as well as the final financial report.

The next big topic of the meeting was Dissemination and already realized presentations during seminars in each project country. Every partner will deliver a country report out of which a summarizing report will be created and shared on the web page. Also, each partner will summarize their own dissemination and exploitation activities so that a common regular report can be updated by the last half-year period of time.

Even though the project is at its end, partners agreed to meet once again for a final task summary.

The next after-project meeting is scheduled for 17 March 2023.

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