The Corporate Foundation Plast Center Danmark facilitator of the innovation network Danish Materials Network. is a corporate foundation, which was established in 2003 with the aim of being a local knowledge centre of plastics and polymers within the industry- LEAD PARTNER

Polymeris is French elastomers and polymers materials cluster, engaged in innovation for materials with unique properties that bring an essential contribution to comfort and safety, and therefore well-being.

SLOVENSKY PLASTIKARSKY KLASTER (SPK) is an interest association of legal persons in the field of plastics processing and related industries in the Slovak Republic.

Wirtschaftsförderung Raum Heilbronn Gmb is an umbrella organization for three clusters: KunststoffDIALOG, MetallDIALOG and AutomotiveDIALOG. KunststoffDIALOG is the polymer cluster of the economic region Heilbronn.


PackageResponsible Partner
WP1 Project management and administration  1 – PCD
WP2 Market analysis of strategic target countries and markets  4 – WFG
WP3 Development of international partnerships  2 – Elastopole
WP4 Strategic road map towards joint internationalization1 – PCD
WP5 Dissemination and learning 3 – SPK