aA_23. Steering Committee – 12.7.2022

Representatives of all project partners were present. Partners from Danmark – Plast Center Danmark and from Germany – WFG (Wirtschaftsförderung Raum Heilbronn Gmb) shared their experience and outcomes from the already realized mission in the USA that they evaluated to be exhausting but well organized and fruitful in terms of new contacts, b2b meetings, and a signed Memorandum of Understanding.

Partners also discussed the last mission to come, the Israel one, to be realized on a virtual scheme. The new date was agreed to be at the beginning of August 2022. Details will come soon.

The meeting continued with a presentation about a ClusterXchange project EVOLUTE done by a WFG representative that could be of interest to the PERCY partnership. The presentation with project details will be shared with project partners. Also, PERCY partners discussed the next project deliverable – SWOT analysis (due date August 2022) on recycling topics for each country involved in the project. Partner meeting then continued with the dissemination topics, a Newsletter 1 should be created (SPK responsible) by the end of August as a compilation of all activities done from the beginning of the project partnership till now, including the market analysis and all missions.

The next meeting is scheduled for 18 August 2022.

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